Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call Monitor

A Call Monitor to prevent over call/sms usage

"Call Monitor"紀錄通話資料,計算每月已使用的通話分鐘,警示用量。

  • 計算每月通話分鐘,每次通話以分鐘計
  • 數據按月計算,自行設定每月截數日
  • 撥出和接聽都納入計算通話分鐘
  • 統計當月的撥出、接聽和未接聽
  • 由於短訊可能收費,所以統計sms用量,顯示發送多少網內和網外的短訊
  • 統計當月聯絡次數最多的朋友
  • 按下朋友的名稱或電話號碼便可直接撥打電話給朋友
  • 提供"心連心"免費分鐘功能
  • 設定"心連心"朋友時,你可以自行輸入電話號碼或通過電話簿選擇加入該朋友為"心連心"
  • 儲存"心連心"朋友列表(以csv檔案形式儲存,列出朋友名稱和電話號碼)
  • 從csv檔案導入"心連心"朋友列表
  • 設定自動檢查通話紀錄並設定間隔時間,以便更準確反映當前使用量
  • 設定月用量提醒功能,當月用量超標時,以notification形式提示
  • 提供widget,桌面顯示當月通話用量
  • 檢視最多3個月的通話紀錄
  • 支援繁體,簡體和英文三種語言

"Call Monitor" counts the number of calls/sms, records the minutes for each call, and prevent over use of calls and sms.


  • call minutes are calculated in a monthly basis
  • statistics of call in, call out and missed
  • SMS count: inbox count, outbox count divides into basic and same carrier counts
  • most contacted friends of the month (call your friend by touching its name or phone number)
  • "same carrier free" minute of a month: A and B use the same carrier\'s service, their calling minute will be free to some extent, and will be counted only the "free" minute runs out.
  • set "same carrier free" member list: either add by entering phone number or add through the contact list
  • export "same carrier free" member list as a csv file
  • import "same carrier free" member list (name,number) csv file format
  • set "check call" period so that the counter and stats are more accurate and realistic
  • receive notifications when monthly limit is reached
  • a widget is provided to display the usage
  • a history of max 3 months call log is provided
  • it supports 3 languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

App Info:
Current version: 1.1
Android version: 2.0 or above
Category: Tools
Size: 317K


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  1. Anonymous25/6/14 05:43

    Dear Sir, I love your app the best than other app. But i only request you to change 'basic' minute into 'outgoing' minute, exclude same carries minute and hide the most contected. Thanx